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The Best of the Sports Illustrated 2020 Swimsuit Issue!

Sports Illustrated 2020 Swimsuit Issue

Here are all the best outtakes from the brand new edition of Sports Illustrated’s 2020 Swimsuit Issue! By best, I of course mean all the nipple pokies, see through, sideboob, camel toe, crotch shots, arm bra and bare ass photos!

Some notes: Love the Wild West theme. Olivia Culpo is the hottest model with amazing see through and crotch shots. Danielle Herrington is the 2nd hottest model and the only one showing bare ass. Haley Kalil provided the best see through. Jamea Lynne is the hottest newcomer. Malia Manuel and Courtney Conlogue are pro surfers. I skipped SI’s first ever transsexual model Valentina Sampaio.

Olivia Culpo

Danielle Herrington

Haley Kalil

Jasmine Sanders

Myla Dalbesio

Hyunjoo Hwang

Anne de Paula

Kim Riekenberg

Josephine Skriver

Jamea Lynne

Courtney Conlogue

Emily DiDonato

Vita Sidorkina

Samantha Hoopes

Lorena Duran

Brooks Nader

Kelsey Merritt

Robin Holzken

Camille Kostek

Tanaye White

Malia Manuel

Olivia Brower

Marquita Pring

Kate Bock