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How About Filming with a Pornstar?

You heard correctly, you can now film your very own porn with the pros and we are barely holding onto our jealousy.

Sex tapes have long been simultaneously the most dramatic and consequently- most coveted leak imaginable. Outside of launching careers and inciting lust, even the most solid diy-at-home porn stands to be a bit lackluster. Missing that timelessly cravable clarity that only star studded pornography can bring. However, the likelihood of you actually getting to go big time without having to spend years cutting the scenes that no one actually wants to be performing in is pretty slim. Until now. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of banging a delectable Suisse miss on camera- escorts now offer the premium at a reasonable price.

Finally answering a few of life’s most pressing questions like “What to get the man/woman who has everything?” And “How to get into a quality porno without getting arrested for jumping the fence?”

In all seriousness though, can actually offer you several different insane and unforgettable experiences. All rolled into one, and here’s how.

Why Film With a Pornstar When You Can Buy An Escort?

Frankly, we got asked this question, and at first, I was a little irritated about it. Why? Because these are two entirely different experiences. Just because you’re into one, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be into the other- like pretty much every fetish or fantasy on God’s green earth. Furthermore, you might- MIGHT be able to convince your escort to make a little sex video with you, but that’s nothing like the real thing. You’ll never really get the chance to understand the thrill of being on set, or what it takes to actually do your thing on camera.

Secondly, as any fan of mainstream pornography will happily tell you, pornstars are goddesses. They are just as much celebrities as any other actress we all love watching. Pornstars are, in fact, stars. They’re incredibly talented. And half the fantasy is actually getting to have sex with someone, on camera, who not only knows how to have sex on camera, but is really, really good at it. Pornstars make their living by being incredible at what they do. It’s like getting an invitation to watch make katanas. Or to see Chuck Norris practice karate. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to watch a master at work.

Don’t get me wrong, escorts are amazing. They’re skilled, they’re clever, and they’re almost always beautiful- but unless they know their way around a PSE and set, you’ll never get the full experience. means that you’ll actually get to see what it’s like behind the scenes. On and off set. You’ll get to spend time with some of the most coveted babes in existence. Finally, it’s something new and exciting. For anyone who’s used escorts before, you get pretty comfortable with the entire system. Jump on your local escort directory, find the girl that suits, vet, book, enjoy, repeat. Filming with a pornstar allows you to shake up your standard routine with something a bit spicy and a bit special.

Aren’t Pornstars Just for Guys?

Clearly, you’ve never actually watched a porno. Pornstars are for people. Men, women, groups, singles. However your imagination stretches out a fantasy, there’s probably a pornstar that’s into that, and one more than happy to help you capture it on film. Besides being for groups, you may need to sit down for this, but- Women. Watch. Porn. Too.

In fact, there’s a bunch of that women may watch more lesbian porn than men do- which means your lady might be the first in line to jump at the chance of getting to make porn her way- with a total professional to walk her through it. Which means the might finally get to have a film of the kind of porn they actually want to watch- which is priceless. They can also get a chance to hang out on set, with pornstars and porn professionals, and maybe see that the industry isn’t grim and sad, but fun and filled with excellent people.

So there’s probably a number of reasons why anyone would be compelled to want to shoot a scene with a pro. Maybe it’s a gift (making you the coolest friend in existence). Maybe it’s a treat (who isn’t drowning in stress right now?). Maybe, it’s a way to shake up a dull marriage (worth it- and you’ll have the vid to prove it). Whatever the reason, (it’s yours and frankly none of our business) the pornstar experience is also super discreet. So the only person you’ll ever have to explain it to is yourself- and anyone you want to show it off to.